Swedish police, Swedish prostitutes and survivors of prostitution and Swedish social workers share their experience on how the law implemented in 1999 prohibiting the purchase of sexual services works.

Informations in this paper are taken from the evaluation of the law by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice, 2010, as well as from papers/speeches by the Swedish National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking and the Stockholm Police Vice Unit.



Watch the videos from our international conference 'Grosse Freiheit?', 2011 in Copenhagen. Here you will find presentations by f.e.: 

  • Anna Skarhed, Chancellor of Justice, Sweden
  • Debbie Baker, manager at Streetreach, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Julie Bindel, journalist and researcher, UK
  • Janice Raymond, professor and board member of Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, USA
  • Survivor Lita Malmberg, Denmark
  • Psychologist Birgitte Lieberkind, Denmark
  • Police officer Harald Bøhler, Norway

and many others.

All presentations are simoultaneously translated into English.

Papers etc. can be found at the conference website.

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